Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First BandMaster Performance

The concert band gave it's first performance since I became BandMaster on Monday Night, at the Syrian Temple Business Meeting.

Why would this be noteworthy? Because many of us didn't expect the band to continue in 2009. Our band has been shrinking for years. The shrine has not been adding many new members in recent years, so we have very few new bandsmen. As a result, our average age is over 70 years old. (We get a lot of visits from the Black Camel.)

A lot of the bandsmen were not sure that the band was worth the effort. Attendance at rehearsals was spotty, and the former BandMaster was tiring of it. However, when he announced his retirement, the bandsmen realized how much they would miss their band.

I was asked to step in as BandMaster. At first, I was not quite sure I wanted it. I have a day job, and plenty of other places to make music. But as I looked in the eyes of a few old friends, I realized just how much they really wanted to be together. I was hooked. I am kind of a softie that way.

So, the band remains, and we are performing. I hope to talk about some of our bandsmen in subsequent posts. They are great guys, and they should be known.