Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We can borrow that idea

I was talking to Jack Wagner, our lead clarinet player, after an orchestra rehearsal that was unrelated to the Shrine Band. Jack was telling me about an upcoming Legion Band concert on a Monday night that might affect his being at the next business meeting. I asked him what kind of an audience they get on a Monday evening.

"A captive audience", Jack told me. They were going to play at a nursing home. The Legion Band simply used their normal rehearsal night.

On the way home, I was mentally slapping myself in the forehead. We had talked about having the Shrine Band play at a nursing home. I was wondering how to schedule it. Now I see the answer. We simply replace one of our normal rehearsal nights for a nursing home performance.

I will ask the band members for their thoughts at the next rehearsal, but I suspect they will be in favor. These guys like to play, and playing is usually more fun with an audience.

Yeah, we ought to be able to borrow this idea and make it our own.